Planed Surf Paddleboards Dorset


9’6 Mal ‘The All-rounder’

Its a really smooth shape with plenty of volume making it very stable and easy to ride. No nose concave keeps the board super fast and easy to turn from the tail to centre riding position.

It comes with a classic single 9” fin set up.

8’ Mini Mal

A mini longboard. With a full nose allowing the board to plane early making it easy to catch waves, its guaranteed to improve your wave count!

The soft forgiving rails from the nose through the mid section sharpen up at the tail to give a little more bite on larger, faster, steeper waves. You can have a classic longboard style single fin set up or opt for a slightly more aggressive triple set up with two outboard thruster’s and a central fin.

Planed Carpet

The ‘Carpet’ shape has become a classic. It has the same dimensions in the nose, mid section and tail as the all-rounder, meaning its great at picking up waves, but retains the stability with longboard width.

The shorter length means you can make tighter, faster turns and the board is much more responsive. The carpet can be crafted in pretty much any length from 6’-8’ depending on your size and weight. It comes with a classic single 9” fin set up.