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About Planed Surf

About us

Our Background

Planed was started by Rich Robinson Harris in 2017. Rich trained as a professional boatbuilder at the Boatbuilding Academy in Lyme Regis. Following the course Rich went to work for a small bespoke professional boatbuilding company based in the Lake District concentrating on building, restoring and running beautiful one off custom launches , both diesel and high performance electric and 1 or 2 very special steam launches.

Rich has always been a keen surfer and the lure of the ocean was too much and he moved back to the sea and Dorset and set about setting up a company which married his two passions in life, woodworking and spending time on and in the sea.

What we do

Our aim is to produce stunning, ethical, sustainable and high performance paddle and surfboards. The boards are created using a plywood fishbone spine and ribs which are hollowed out to make them as light as possible but still retaining the strength required to withstand the stresses involved with surfing and flat water paddling. A thin Western Red Cedar ‘skin’ is then bonded to the fishbone frame to form the bottom, rails and deck of the board.

The nose and tail are made from different up cycled timber to create a beautiful feature and provide strength to these potentially high impact areas. The entire board is then faired and sanded before being glassed using a 'Bio' epoxy resin to make it completely watertight, incredibly strong and more resistant to knocks and dings.

Why Planed?

Here at Planed we like to do things a little differently.
All the materials that go into your board have been selected because they are the most ethical and sustainable available, which in turn means it's better for the planet we live on.

'Root To Ride'

Our philosophy ensures the timber we use is locally sourced the trees are felled as part of estate management programmes which include replanting. The timber is processed for us by a local sawmill, based in Wimborne.

We work closely with them to ensure only the best timber is turned into planks to make your board or paddle.

Your board or paddle are hand-crafted using time honoured traditional techniques by experienced craftsmen, married to state of the art materials and Bio-Resins.

You are an integral part of the build process, you choose the deck and bottom layout, fin set up and grip finish. With a bit of notice you can come to the workshop to help build your board.


The entire process will be recorded and your Storyboard Photobook will be presented to you when you take ownership of your board or paddle.


If you look after your board it will last you a lifetime, but not the Earth’s lifetime.