Planed Surf Paddleboards Dorset

Alternative Grip Finishes

Grip Options

These are particularly relevant for SUP boards where you may be paddling it in something other than a wetsuit and don’t want to mess up your boardies!

There are 2 options available:

  • Hexagaonal self adhesive pads which are transparent, so wont hide the beautiful wood deck, super grippy when they get wet, but unlike wax they won’t stick to your clothes, pick up sand and other debris or melt into a sticky puddle if you leave your board out in the sunshine!
  • Cork. Cork is one of the most eco friendly products around. It comes from the Cork Oak tree, the trees are not harmed when the cork bark is harvested and the trees can live for around 300 years. Cork is warm to the touch, super grippy and requires very little maintenance, the disadvantages are that it will cover the cedar deck and it has to be permanently glued down, so once its on, its not coming off!