Planed Surf Paddleboards Dorset


Environment and Sustainability

All of our products are crafted with as minimal environmental impact as possible, putting sustainability at the top of our list of values.

We believe there is always a better way, using sustainable, local, responsibly sourced timber is the best way to make beautiful unique paddle boards, and surfboards.

Planed HQ has been built using up-cycled timber from structures which are no longer used, taken apart carefully and re-used to build our workshop. The electricity we use comes from ‘The Green Energy Network’ which generates 100% renewable electricity.


Timber is one of the greenest materials available. It absorbs carbon while growing, uses low energy in conversion to wood-based products and is a renewable material.

All the timber and sheet materials used in ‘Planed’ products come from responsible suppliers. They are affiliated to either the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or the TTF (Timber Trade Federation).


All ‘Planed’ products are built and laminated using Entropy ‘SuperSap’ Epoxy Resins. Entropy resins are created using green chemistry which requires less energy, produces less harmful by-products and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 33%, compared with petroleum based epoxies.