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All of our bags are custom-made locally. Each bag is specifically shaped for your board or paddle so you can be guaranteed a perfect fit each time.
They are really well made and have lots of really cool features including The ‘Planed’ logo, non-rusting zips, twin carry handles, shoulder strap and a UV-stabilised reflective silver bottom panel, to protect your board from UV damage and extreme temperatures.

Fins & Leashes

All of the fins we use for Planed paddle and surfboards are supplied by Rebel Fins. Rebel are based in Germany and they make their fins from recycled ocean plastic, fishing nets and other recycled plastics from manufacturing processes.

Every board that leaves the workshop is supplied with a Rebel fin as standard, tailored to the individual requirements of each board. All Planed paddle boards will perform best with a minimum 9” classic longboard style fin. Planed surfboards will work with a selection of fins and thruster fins depending on the set-up and length of your board.


Your leash is one of the most important parts of your SUP or Surf equipment.

All Planed surfboards will have a length-specific Rebel leash as standard, it will be tailored to the length of your board.

Paddleboards have 2 different types of leash available, straight or coiled depending on use, and 3 ways of attaching the leash to you.

Waist - Quick release belt can be used with either a straight or coiled leash.

Calf - Velcro calf attachment helps keep the leash out of the water to reduce drag, ideal for a coiled leash.

Ankle - Classic velcro ankle attachment, best for straight leash and use in the surf.

Alternative Grip Finishes

Grip Options

These are particularly relevant for SUP boards where you may be paddling it in something other than a wetsuit and don’t want to mess up your boardies!

There are 3 options available:
Wax - Perfect for surfboards
Classic surf wax has been around for years and is perfect for your surfboard, we can supply eco-friendly surf wax.

Hexagonal self-adhesive pads are transparent, so won't hide the beautiful wood deck, super grippy when they get wet, but unlike wax, they won’t stick to your clothes, pick up sand and other debris or melt into a sticky puddle if you leave your board out in the sunshine, or worse in your hot car!

'Natural Cork, this can be applied to SUP’s and Surfboards, its 100% natural, doesn’t harm the tree when harvested, warm to the touch, cushioning, grippy and requires no maintenance. The only downside is it will cover up your beautiful wooden deck.

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Buy Online - See Our Entire Product Range Here
Hand-crafted in Dorset

Planed paddle and surfboards are hand-crafted on the beautiful Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. There is plenty of creative inspiration as we are located on the Jurrasic Coast with its fantastic surf spots and sheltered waters of Poole Harbour.

Our paddle and surfboards are created using a plywood/recycled foam fishbone spine and ribs, which are hollowed out to make them as light as possible, but still retaining the strength required to withstand the stresses involved with surfing and flat water paddling.

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