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Pintail Longboard

‘Planed’ skateboard decks are made in one of two ways. We either use wood veneers which are glued together in a vacuum press or we make them from solid timber; the veneered boards tend to have a lot more spring. The solid boards are glassed on top and bottom to give them strength and to add a little flex. Both methods create laid-back cruising longboards.

Our boards come complete with top-quality trucks, bearings and wheels. As well as the boards themselves we sell wall racks to store your skateboard.

They are available to buy in our online shop or you can build your own on our one-day workshops, or we can custom make one for you.

From £280

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Hand-crafted in Dorset

Planed paddle and surfboards are hand-crafted on the beautiful Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. There is plenty of creative inspiration as we are located on the Jurrasic Coast with its fantastic surf spots and sheltered waters of Poole Harbour.

Our paddle and surfboards are created using a plywood/recycled foam fishbone spine and ribs, which are hollowed out to make them as light as possible, but still retaining the strength required to withstand the stresses involved with surfing and flat water paddling.

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