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9’6 Mal ‘The All-rounder’

The cruiser of the family, the Cutwater has a really smooth shape with plenty of volume, making it very stable and easy to ride.

A small amount of nose concave keeps the board super fast and easy to turn from the tail to the centre riding position.

This is our ‘go-to’ board, its length making it easy to catch and surf even the smallest waves, but equally rewarding on a big day with a gentle offshore breeze.

It comes with a classic single 9” fin set-up.

From £3000

8’ Mini Mal

A mini longboard, the Spray has a full nose allowing the board to plane early making it easy to catch waves, it's guaranteed to improve your wave count!

The soft, forgiving rails from the nose through the midsection sharpen up at the tail to give a little more bite on larger, faster, steeper waves.

You can have a classic longboard style single fin set-up or opt for a slightly more aggressive triple set-up with two outboard thrusters and a central fin.

*Boards under construction, new images to follow soon.

From £2800

6' 10 Carpet

The ‘Fulmar’ shape has become a classic. It has the same dimensions in the nose, midsection and tail as the Cutwater, meaning it's great at picking up waves but retains stability with longboard width.

The shorter length means you can make tighter, faster turns and the board is much more responsive. The carpet can be crafted in pretty much any length from 6’-8’ depending on your size and weight. It comes with a classic single 9” fin set-up.

*Boards under construction, new images to follow soon.

From £2600


Bellyboards along with handplanes are the simplest form of surfing. They can trace their origins back to the Hawaiian Islands, where the islanders used to ride short wooden boards called ‘Paipo’ boards. They rode them prone (lying down).

Surfing bellyboards in the UK started in the early 1900s. They were an inexpensive way of getting in the water and having a go at this new sport of surfing and they quickly gained a following and increased in popularity, today they are as popular as ever.

Planed bellyboards are beautifully hand-crafted using locally sourced Western Red Cedar. They have a slight curve at the nose to stop you from submarining and a little concave running the length of the board to give lift. They are perfect for catching broken waves in waist-deep water or why not pop on a pair of swim fins and head out to catch some green waves? You may even get barrelled!

They are available to buy in our online shop or you can build your own on our one-day workshops, or we can custom make one for you.

From £280


Bodysurfing can trace its roots back to the Polynesian Islands where they first started surfing hundreds of years ago. Handplanes were developed and are used by body surfers to enhance their speed, lift and control whilst riding a wave. A handplane is generally worn on a bodysurfer's leading hand. It's a stripped-back and really fun way of surfing and all you need are a pair of swim fins.

Our hand planes are made from locally sourced Western Red Cedar and are usually made from repurposed timber left over from making our paddle and surfboards.

They are available to buy in our online shop or you can build your own on our one-day workshops, or we can custom make one for you.

From £180

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Hand-crafted in Dorset

Planed paddle and surfboards are hand-crafted on the beautiful Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. There is plenty of creative inspiration as we are located on the Jurrasic Coast with its fantastic surf spots and sheltered waters of Poole Harbour.

Our paddle and surfboards are created using a plywood/recycled foam fishbone spine and ribs, which are hollowed out to make them as light as possible, but still retaining the strength required to withstand the stresses involved with surfing and flat water paddling.

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